Türkçe'si orta, vasat
Tür adjective
Örnek Cümle
Education in the Middle Ages was conducted in Latin, and the main goal for receiving an education was to become a cleric.
Orta çağda eğitim Latince yürütülüyordu ve eğitim almanın başlıca amacı, rahip olmaktı.


Türkçe'si orta, orta kısım
Tür noun
Örnek Cümle
To these general characteristics (some of which are omitted from particular epics), should be added a list of common devices or CONVENTIONS employed by most epic poets the poet opens by stating his theme, invokes a Muse to inspire and instruct him, and opens his narrative in medias res-in the middle of things-giving the necessary EXPOSITION in later portions of the epic; he includes catalogues of warriors, ships, armies; he gives extended formal speeches by the main characters; and he makes frequent use of the EPIC SIMILE.
1) Kahraman, ulusun ya da uluslararası önemde büyük tarihsel ya da söylence değeri olan yiğit (yapılı) bir kişidir.