Türkçe'si memnun
Tür adjective
Örnek Cümle
The assumption is that in the mind of an individual at a given moment his stream of consciousness (the phrase originated in this sense with William James) is a mixture of all the levels of awareness; an unending flow of sensations, thoughts, memories, associations, and reflections; if the exact content of the mind (`consciousness`) is to be described at any moment, then these varied, disjointed, and illogical elements must find expression in a flow of words, images, and ideas similar to the unorganized flow of the mind.
Varsayım, şudur.


Türkçe'si içerik,anlam
Tür noun
Örnek Cümle
Rather, he must understand not only the obvious content of the message, but also the subtleties of meaning, the significant emotive values of words, and the stylistic features which determine the `flavor and feel` of the message.
Çevirmen, yalnızca iletinin açıkça ortada olan içeriğini anlamakla kalmamalı, ince anlam ayrımların, sözcüklerin anlamlı, coşkusal değerlerini ve iletinin `tadını ve ruhunu` belirleyen biçemsel özellikleri de kavramalıdır.