Remzi Hoca'nın 3. YÖKDİL Sınav Analizi ve Olası Doğru Cevapları

Remzi Hoca'nın 3. Yökdil Sınav Analizi Ve Olası Doğru Cevapları

3. YÖKDİL Sınavı bu gün gerçekleşti. Remzi Hoca'nın (5 Kasım 2017) 3. YÖKDİL Sınavına yönelik analiz ve olası doğru cevaplarını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.


Öncelikle, sınava giren tüm dostlarımızın hedefledikleri puanlara ulaşmalarını dileriz.

5 Kasım 2017’de yapılan 3. YÖKDİL Sınavı genel olarak Temmuz’da yapılan sınava göre çok daha rahat bir sınavdı ve bu anlamda 1. YÖKDİL Sınavına daha çok benzediğini söyleyebiliriz.

-Sınavın ilk 20 sorusu ve cloze testler tanıdık yapılar içermekteydi.

-Cümle tamamlama soruları genel itibariyle rahat denilebilir türden sorular içermekteydi ancak bir kaç soruya zor denilebilir.

-Paragraf tamamlama soruları yarı yarıya zor ve kolay olarak dağıtılmıştı diyebiliriz.

-İlgisiz cümle soruları bir önceki YDS’de olduğu gibi sınavın belki en zor bölümüydü denilebilir.

-Paragraf soruları belki de beklenenden bile daha kolaydı denilebilir. Paragraf sorularında başlık yada kelime gibi sıra dışı soru tipleri yoktu.


İlk 20 Soru

1. existed

2. expressing

3. priority

4. major

5. have done /need

6. has been published / are experiencing

7. were inhibited done / destroyed

8. since

9. while

10. because

11. along with

12. however

13. therefore

14. reaction to /in

15. accordingly

16. the most

17. if

18. which

19. pass down

20. both / and

Cloze Test 1

1. debate

2. argues

3. on

4. unless

5. still continue

Cloze Test 2

1. acquire

2. however

3. unintentionally

4. can be summarized

5. dependent on


İlk 20 Soru

1. diversity

2. suggest

3. mainly

4. end up

5. responsible (for…)

6. although

7. as well as

8. as (because anlamında)

9. during

10. due to

11. if

12. even if

13. which

14. more / than

15. too / to

16. to / from

17. has been orbiting (since 2004)

18. is stored / consumes

19. (in the last decade) has become / is released

20. was coined

Cloze Test 1

1. are called

2. proved

3. which

4. in

5. (others) such as

Cloze Test 2

1. was made

2. what (we know as)

3. contains

4. (mixed) with

5. some… while others…

3. YÖKDİL Sağlık Bilimleri Olası Doğru Cevaplar

İlk 20 Soru

1. Once the symptoms of Hantington’s disease appear…

2. In the absence of food…

3. Obesity is the rapidly growing condition…

4. Therapeutic … significant benefits…

5. cope with…

6. Tension headaches … because of stress and …

7. episodes of hepatitis. Moreover, it can even regrow…

8. damage done to blood vessels and the … nerves around the elbow.

9. Since people with obesity may eat …

10. …animal … neither will be infected nor be a carrier.

11. Plasma membrane participates in … determines what can enter into a cell.

12. Pregnant women and babies have more risk of … x-ray than other patients.

13. Since 1940s, when penicillin saved many lives during the World War II antibiotics have been considered miracle drugs.

14. Bariatric treatment, which… by

15. Because autism starts at an early age, autistic children miss the opportunity to…

16. … several drugs, after the treatment is completed.

17. Despite its stiffness and …as static … bone continuously changes

18. As long as the level of thyroid hormones is under control in pregnancy…

19. Diets high in saturated fats … heart diseases … although

20. The centre of the brain switches on … warming or cooling … when the temperature … average set of … above or below 37C.

Cloze Test 1

Anatomy ile ilgili olan paragraf.

1. …Nearly 2500 years…

2. …related to physiology…

3. …although you are studying anatomy or physiology in separate courses…

4. …unless it was transparent and curved.

5. …support our weigh if the leg were … and thin.

Cloze Test 2

Educational assessment ile ilgili olan paragraf.

1. …was formerly called as educational diagnosis…

2. seek to assess … by …, sorting, categorizing…

3. …what causes them…

4. …deal with the factors…

5. …people who

Sentence Completion

1. When they are faced with a loved one’s difficult diagnosis, most people describe feeling shocked and forces into a race against time.

2. In order to stop the outbreaks of yellow fever, it is necessary to take measures, to decrease mosquito population, along with programs to vaccinate people living nearby.

3. The only known cure for sickle-cell decease is bone marrow transplantation, which requires a level of medical expertise that is, unfortunately, not available in many countries.

4. When identifying the cause of headache, the major fear among patients and healthcare professionals is that, the headache might be related to the brain tumour.

5. Taste and smell are two different senses with their own receptors, however, they act together to distinguish … different flavours.

6. Before an infectious disease is properly treated, a laboratory technician must identify its cause.

7. Though many people fully recover from accidental injuries, some may experience consequences including lifelong disabilities.

8. Most people have a spontaneous idea of what intelligence is, yet no universally accepted definition of intelligence exists.

9. Until the emergence of vaccinations in the twentieth century …, infectious child diseases were the leading cause of death among children.

10. Whereas, historically, eating disorders are associated … with young women, there is a growing recognition that eating disorders might be seen in both genders.

11. Fungal infections may take a very long time to clear up, in other words, it may be necessary to take require medication for several months.


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